The Best Excuses for Missing a Class

Whatever reasons for being late you might have, it is usually not a good idea to tell the truth. In other cases, you should be armed with brilliant excuses as they will help you avoid detention. Check out our list of best excuses for being late to school that can come in handy whenever you are not able to concoct anything convincing to make your teacher believe you.

Kind Deeds

What teacher would be angry with a student who showed up late to class because of practicing altruism? You can pick any random act of kindness like accompanying a blind old lady who was crossing the street, rescuing a kitten, helping a lost kid find his/her family, or taking an injured dog to a hospital. Make sure you use your acting potential to the fullest to make your teacher more lenient.

Accidental Misplacing

If you are not nearsighted, this excuse will not work for you. But if you are, you can take the advantage of your poor eyesight. Everyone who has glasses knows that they tend to be misplaced, and not wearing them makes you clumsy and causes many mishaps. So when you’re late, you can say something like, “I misplaced my glasses and couldn’t find them”.  The teacher will definitely let you off!

Pin it All on Weather

You may benefit from nasty weather, especially if you’re running late to school. Just connect weather conditions with potential outcomes and you will have a valid excuse. For example:

  • You got lost because of thick fog.
  • Heavy snow hampered the traffic for a while.
  • The sky was overcast and you had to return home to take an umbrella not to get caught in the rain.

Wrong Wardrobe Choice

Are you obliged to wear a uniform at your school? If you fail to adhere to your school dress code and have to go all the way back home to change your clothes, this may help you avoid punishment since most of the teachers understand that being dressed properly is one of the most crucial school policies.

An Injury

In this case, you don’t have to break your leg or arm to demonstrate that you’re injured. You can actually fake a twisted ankle as an excuse for coming late to class. All you need is to be creative to make this situation look real. Visit your local store to buy some plasters and bandages. Make sure you look sympathetic.

A Special Excuse

If this is that time of a year when you have put the clock back, you can play the “I forgot to set the clock one hour back” card. This excuse works both for workers and students as people tend to be absent-minded.

Suck up to Your Teacher

This is a last resort, especially if your teacher is strict. However, if you do a little of digging and find out what he/she likes, you may show up to class with a tiny present. While your classmates will hate you for this, the teacher can melt and exempt you from detention.

Bad Yoghurt

Tell you teacher that you came down with food poisoning. You keep throwing up and turn up to class pale and groggy the next day, even though you were just watching the entire season of your favorite TV series till the very dawn.

Skipping Class in College Without Getting into Troubles

Skipping a class in college is a common thing with students having to juggle studying with work/person life. If you’re in the quest of good excuses for missing a class in college or simply need a reason that would get you out of class, have a look at our list of infallible excuses. They provide surefire ways of missing a class in college.

Health Issues

Just tell your professor that you spent all morning in the bathroom because of your diarrhea, and he/she won’t ask any further questions. This is a perfect excuse for those who are not afraid to disclose such private details.

Allergic Reaction

There is a whole bunch of people suffering from allergies these days. Tell your professor that you accidentally ate a salad with some peanuts and are having your allergic reaction in full swing.

Accidents Happen

Whether it was a minor car crash or a snatch with a flat tire, accidents are always among the list of good excuses for missing school.

Teeth Problems

You’ve just had your wisdom tooth pulled and have taken a bunch of painkillers to relieve the pain. Claim that you feel dizzy to drive to school and have to spend this day in bed to bounce back.

Your Car is Missing

Make your professor believe that you had your auto stolen. Now, you have to go to the police station to file a report. What a day! The professor will understand that school is the last thing on your mind.

Appointments You Can’t Miss

A doctor’s or dentist’s appointment is important. Claim that your doctor couldn’t squeeze you in on another day, so you have to visit him/her today. This should do the trick unless you overuse this excuse. Make sure you don’t make it a habit.

Pet Issues

If your professor is a dog or cat person, you might actually find such excuses as “My cat got hit by a car”, or “My dog got stuck in an opened manhole so I had to call 911 to rescue him/her”.

Family Comes First

Convince your professor that you couldn’t make it to class because of a family emergency. You don’t have to say that you grandfather or great grandmother died, that’s unacceptable. But you can always say that your mother and father got into a serious fight, or your little brother ran away from home.