I spent a harsh and meaningless time at high school, in addition to having an extremely low GPA because of socializing with the wrong crowd. I lost my mission and vision at that time and let the company of people without focus ruin my own morals and values too. After high school, I joined the community college where I am doing excellent in all academics. Here, I am getting A’s in all my subjects and demonstrate discipline and self-motivation, which as I now understand are important for my success. I have been doing well for the past two years in this college and I aspire to keep up the good work to meet the expectations of USC. I am a team player, able to cooperate with other students in my class and school in general to achieve common goals. I strive to employ critical thinking in my academic performance and appreciate the same in others, as this may challenge my own knowledge and beliefs. Working with others has made me realize the value of support and has helped me set goals and envision dreams which can only come true through acquiring education in the environment of caring like-minded people. My cousin studies biology in USC and since I am the only child, I want to make myself and my parents happy and proud by attending USC. I hope the progress I have made and my present-day values and goals will have a strong impact on my application success in USC.

At USC I plan to pursue Asian American Studies as my first-choice and Business as my second-choice majors. I am passionate about learning different cultures and the ways of life of various people. Understanding people’s traditions, customs, and behavior is the key to connecting, relating and associating with them. I want to pursue Business since I want to venture into the business world as a qualified and skilled HR manager as this position is crucial to the success of every business. Considering my interest in working with Asians, I need to understand their culture and way of life to succeed as a businessman in this region. I lived in South Africa for two years from 2005 to 2007. It was a unique experience to learn about African lifestyles and the culture of England which popular there. I also have many Chinese friends that I aspire to do business with in the future.

My uncle is a successful business man in Korea. He is doing business with a Korean Entertainment Company which is the source of my inspiration too. I am planning to work with him in the future after graduating from USC. Business is an interesting subject to me because I believe it has no limits and abounds in numerous options to start and choose from. To succeed in these two courses, I plan to utilize the USC resources, and actively participate in classes. Engaging professors and indulging in expansive research guarantee excessive benefits from everyday study in USC.

The first and the main reason why I want to transfer from the community college to a four-year college is that I want to learn more about my major and to head out to the bigger and world giving more opportunities and challenges than high school and the community can offer. Besides, since I aspire to attain a four-year college degree, I can only do so by transferring from the community college. In this institution, I have learned under a few professors and with a small number of classmates, something that gave me and other learners a personalized touch, and now I consider I am ready to learn in a big class with numerous dedicated and extremely qualified professors. Secondly, I have and intention to further my education to get a master’s degree and climb the career ladder of my choice faster due to my passion for it. Thus, to achieve much in my career life, I will need more than a community college education. The next step is to join a four-year college which will become a crucial step on the way to earning a master’s degree overtime. Additionally, learning culture, as I want to do for my first-choice major, requires extensive resources and expansive interaction. By joining USC, I will have the opportunity to interact with many students from various ethnicities and countries in my class, as well as numerous skilled staff and highly-qualified faculty members. Meeting and interacting with many people builds connections which are crucial for my career life ahead. Building a successful career life, one keeps contact with the people he or she met in the university in the same and different professions. While at USC I expect to make friends and acquaintances with those individuals who will play a huge part in my personal and career life. Not that I do have lots of friends and contacts here in the community college, I need to establish these with people high in the education system so that my dreams and visions of an excellent career life can thrive notably. Also, I can and want to take expert level classes at USC which will allow me to learn my majors (Asian American Studies, and Business) more profoundly. Lastly, I am an outgoing individual, who likes participating in sports and club activities and learning something new whenever and wherever I get an opportunity to do so. The community college clubs are very small, limiting the nature of activities and experience their members get. USC club activities equip individuals with skills that may not be taught in class. Clubs with high memberships offer more to members than small clubs. Most of my close friends attend Four-year universities and often they tell me about their extracurricular experiences which I find fascinating look forward to trying personally. All in all, I’m deeply convinced that with my desire to improve and hunger for acquiring knowledge, supplemented with quick learning skills, a high sense of responsibility, support, self-motivation, and time management will make me a useful member of the university community and a decent student the USC can be proud of.