In general, there are several requirements you should fulfill when coming up with a topic:

  1. Pick a divisive topic that would provoke a debate and take your own stance, which should be opposite to someone else’s standpoint. Truisms like “technology makes people’s life more convenient” or “environment is in danger” are not good argumentative essay topics.
  2. The topic should enable you to defend your point of view and show its value by providing strong arguments that would refute other people’s claims.
  3. Opt for a topic you can investigate. You should find ample sources to cite, thereby backing up your points. It should involve scientific studies, statistics, or real-life examples.
  4. Select a topic you have a lucid viewpoint on. Naturally, you can choose a subject you have doubts about. Then, you’ll have to research it properly and decide on a position you want to take.

E.g. What do you think about the school uniform issue? If you already have a stand, it’ll be a no-brainer to decide on a thesis statement and supporting ideas.

  1. An emotional topic is also a promising choice. Apart from incorporating factual information and evidence, you can also appeal to the readership’s emotions.

Now you may say “Easier said than done,” and, therefore, we have a list of viable options of easy argumentative essay topics for you to consider and polish your writing capacities a tad.

Worthwhile Ideas for an Argumentative Essay

  • Should Marijuana Be Legalized and Accessible for Everyone’s Use?

Although this topic seems ubiquitous, there is still much to unravel and discuss. You can find a bunch of medical studies that either prove or negate the beneficial effects of marijuana. Whatever side you choose to support, you’ll be able to find many startling arguments in favor of and against it.

  • Does Bureaucracy Carry Much Weight These Days?

Obviously, the bureaucratic system provides workplaces for millions of people and stipulates society to obey rules, which is important. However, with the advent of technology, are those complicated principles and intricate regulations of bureaucracy still relevant?

  • How the Contemporary Beauty Standards Influence Girls and Women?

It’s an emotional topic, so, apart from logos, you can also apply pathos from your own experience to emphasize the resonance of the issue. Evidently, the beauty industry generates a considerable amount of profit and stimulates the economy. Are there any fundamental implications people have to be aware of?

  • Could It Have Been Possible to Thwart World War II?

Hitler is not the only one to blame for commencing World War II. There are many other precursors to this event that haven’t been under discussion. This complex topic challenges you to investigate the circumstances and decisions of the leaders of the involved countries surrounding the mystery of World War II.

  • Do High School Students Enter College Because of Societal Pressure?

What drives students to enroll in college? Is it their own longing for self-development or societal stereotypes that encourage them to swim with the tide? Dare to take sides and defend your position.

Is there anything of the abovementioned topics that sparks your interest? If you still hesitate, here are other interesting argumentative essay topics for you to take into account. Examine them thoroughly and pick one for writing your own academic paper. Although it’s a cliché to state “Practice makes perfect,” but it really works!

Argumentative Essay Topics 2018

Topics for Sports Fans

  1. Should footballers receive a more moderate salary?
  2. Is it necessary to exclude steroid users from any sports competitions?
  3. Is golf a game for the privileged?
  4. Swimming as the most beneficial sport.

Topics for Techno-Geeks

  1. Does technology stifle creative thinking?
  2. Do technologies optimize our lives or make them miserable?
  3. Are people too dependent on technologies?
  4. Will chips soon be capable of controlling people’s minds?

Topics for Those Who Follow Politics

  1. Famous public figures should not engage in politics.
  2. Can politics be ever transparent?
  3. Is democracy still efficient?
  4. Monarchy is no longer effective as a form of governance.
  5. The government is embroiled in lobbying court to make amendments to some of its decision.

Love Topics

  1. Is civil marriage becoming outdated?
  2. Is it normal to date an older woman/younger man?
  3. Can distance relationships be viable?
  4. Communication is the most crucial element of dating.
  5. Sex does not necessarily presuppose loving each other.
  6. Marriage life is a repetitive routine.

Topics for Those Who Think Outside the Box

  1. Is graffiti an instance of vandalism or a part of art?
  2. Can people have a successful career as artists?
  3. Is art a profession or a means of escapism?
  4. Should the government allocate more finances to art?

Topics for Those Who are into Music and Movies

  1. Is contemporary music didactic?
  2. Are actors overpaid?
  3. Contemporary pop music propagates unethical principles.
  4. Musicians are paid more than they deserve.

Hotly Debated Topics of the Internet and Social Media

  1. Are online transactions risky?
  2. People who spend much time on social media sites are lonely.
  3. Is the problem of online bullying exaggerated?
  4. Is Facebook a safe place to share personal information?

International Relations

  1. The probability of third world war.
  2. Globalization as the main factor in the third world war.
  3. Is it possible to eliminate terrorism?
  4. The conflict between the North and South Korea: who is right?
  5. How to end the strife between Israel and Palestine

The Judicial System and Law Enforcement

  1. Should court trials be broadcast?
  2. Should military service be mandatory?
  3. Is capital punishment still relevant?
  4. Does race affect the court’s verdict?

Topics of Parenthood and Childhood

  1. Is it justifiable to spank children?
  2. Should parents reward their offspring for good behavior?
  3. Should the roles of parents be strictly differentiated?
  4. Excellent parenting skills are instrumental in making children successful later in life.
  5. The development of Down’s syndrome and late childbearing are mostly interconnected.

Current Generation

  1. Is the current generation the most corrupt?
  2. Is the problem of teenage mothers urgent?
  3. Do computer games negatively impact adolescents by distorting reality?

Topics for Those who Desire to Unravel Some Religious Conceptions

  1. Is atheism a display of irreligion?
  2. How can an abundance of evil be justified?
  3. Reincarnation as an imminent stage of life.
  4. Why does Islamic religion of peace advocate violence?
  5. Is spirituality becoming obsolete?

Moral Dilemmas as the Most Controversial Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Is abortion a variation of murder?
  2. Is pornography a form of cinematographic art?
  3. Is it right to murder a murderer for the sake of justice?
  4. Does pervasive surveillance infringe the right for privacy?
  5. Is animal testing an inhumane act or a necessary procedure?

Argumentative Essay Topics for College Students

  1. Argumentative essay topics for college students who definitely have a hands-on experience of educational system
  2. Does obtaining a university degree immediately guarantee a passport to success?
  3. Do colleges produce raw professionals?
  4. Online education will make schools an anachronism.
  5. Relevance of single-sex education in the epoch of equality.
  6. Is plagiarism a criminal act?

Grown-up stuff

  1. The necessity of a dressing code in each profession.
  2. Can one be distinguished in a career he/she does not have any qualification in?
  3. Should there be a disparity in the rates of pay for blue and white collars?
  4. Should a child pay heed to parent’s pieces of advice when it comes to contemplating a career path?
  5. Banning tattoos in the workplaces is insensible.

For Those Who Want to Dig Deeper into a Healthy Lifestyle

  1. The link between vegetarianism and health.
  2. Can a man forgo meat for good?
  3. Unconventional medicine as a vestige of the past.
  4. Is traditional medicine always reliable?
  5. Is heredity a root cause of most serious diseases?

Scientific Puzzles

  1. Which theory proving the origins of the universe is the most plausible?
  2. Do animals communicate by virtue of their own language?
  3. Safety issues ensuing from the utilization of nuclear energy.
  4. Is global warming the plague of the 21st century?
  5. Exploring space is a waste of money.
  6. GMO food is a remedy for the growing hunger problems in the world.

Artificial intelligence

  1. Robots will be increasingly helpful in educating humans.
  2. Artificial intelligence will downplay the value of creativity.
  3. Artificial intelligence will be capable of mind reading.
  4. Artificial intelligence will never be more competent than humans.
  5. Are robots encroaching upon people’s jobs?

“Out of This World” Topics

  1. The viability of colonizing space.
  2. Space exploration will eventually lead to the rescue of mankind.
  3. Space exploration has proved to be practically useless.
  4. Space exploration may result in the development of new environmental hazards.
  5. Is it necessary to deploy so many financial resources for the sake of space exploration?
  6. Are people damaging other ecosystems by exploring outer space?

Making Predictions About the Future of Mankind

  1. Will human beings be able to feed themselves without exploiting an excessive amount of Earth resources?
  2. Is there any chance of inventing a panacea for AIDS?
  3. Will acts of God be predictable ahead of time?
  4. Robots will replace all people performing manual jobs. 
  5. Humans will find a way to avoid the extinction of endangered species.
  6. What are the odds that the whole world will have a decent healthcare system?


  1. Drug abuse is impossible to eradicate.
  2. Should adolescents be eligible to smoke?
  3. The number of smoking zones should be substantially reduced.
  4. Parents are predominantly accountable for the drug abuse problem among teenagers.
  5. Can universities control alcohol consumption among students?

Topics for Vegans

  1. A vegetarian diet is not healthier than a diet rich in meat.
  2. Vegetarianism is costly.
  3. A vegetarian lifestyle has not led to any profound environmental impact.
  4. Vegans are more concerned about animals’ well being than that of humans.
  5. Vegetarianism poses a threat to normal brain functioning.

Topics for Tattoo Addicts

  1. Tattoos as a form of modern art.
  2. Tattooing is an ineffective way of demonstrating one’s personality.
  3. Tattoos are still perceived as unsavory by society.
  4. People who have tattoos look more attractive.
  5. Tattooing is a good method of making memories indelible.

EDM Music

  1. EDM music is meaningless.
  2. An individual does not have to be talented to be adept at creating EDM music.
  3. Electronic dance music relieves tension and helps to handle stress.
  4. EDM music is all about raucous noise.

Rap Music

  1. Rap music encourages teenagers to engage in misdemeanor.
  2. Rap music heightens hostility among a younger generation.
  3. Should censorship be applied to rap music?
  4. There is no direct connection between rap music and gender issues.

Rock Music

  1. Rock music is usually popular among uneducated people.
  2. Rock music does not have a meaningful content.
  3. Rock music is one of the classic genres of music.

For Proponents and Detractors of Donald Trump

  1. Trump’s regime will ensure economic prosperity.
  2. Donald Trump is incapable of bringing about significant changes in the society.
  3. Trump is not interested in making America Great Again.

Internet of Things

  1. IoT is gradually making people stupid.
  2. IoT assists in implementing sustainability.
  3. IoT enhances the output of the agricultural field.
  4. IoT increases a chance of breaching security.

In our humble opinion, the abovementioned suggestions are the best argumentative essay topics that you can opt for. We hope that these ready-made topics will serve in good stead.