How to Plagiarize Without Getting Caught by Turnitin

We’ve garnered some of the handiest guidelines on how to plagiarize without getting caught by turnitin.


Websites like Turnitin smell plagiarism if you’re lazy enough not to rewrite the sentences with identical structure. Therefore, to outsmart it, you have to rephrase everything. Don’t copy word by word! And if you look at the situation from a different perspective, you don’t violate any rules; in fact, you’re just trying to polish your essay to perfection! And, as a bonus, you get to brush up on your vocabulary. By paraphrasing the information from sources, you aren’t stealing anything; on the contrary, you’re demonstrating your ability to comprehend complex concepts and explain them in your own words.

Swap the Letters

Those smart guys who know how to cheat Turnitin are probably aware of a small trick with common characters from other languages. For instance, the Latin “a,” “i,” or “e” correspond to the Cyrillic letters in terms of appearance. Just add a new language set to your keyboard and put at least one foreign character in the words that are identified as plagiarized. Turnitin can’t crack this scam.

Convert it Into a PDF File

Can Turnitin detect pdf? Some students believe that it is possible to evade Turnitin by modifying the internal structure of the pdf text. Using additional options, you can make it easy to read for your professors but completely illegible for the software.

Particularly, if you’re dying to know how to fool Turnitin, you can opt for macros to sort out the problem with plagiarism. By typing in the text, you can mess around with it in such a way that your essay assessor and Turnitin will see two absolutely different texts. So if you want to figure out how to bypass Turnitin, google this lifehack. It’s pretty amazing!

Make it an Image

Some claim that by adding pictures of the text in the file, you can actually hope to deceive plagiarism sites like Turnitin.

The logic behind is that the website won’t be able to detect any actual text and will switch to the next text without scanning the image. Make sure you enter some text though; otherwise, you’ll get in trouble as Turnitin identifies the document as empty and displays an error. As long as it contains some of the text rewritten on your own, there is no chance it’ll expose you.

Reach out to Online Writing Services

Curious about the methods students devised in an attempt to outmaneuver Turnitin only to get a high percent of authenticity and uniqueness? Here are several of them along with the explanation of why they didn’t work out.

  • Applying macros to mask characters. For instance, to add script to make the Turnitin robot and your professor see two different files. => To our despair, this plagiarism monster can strip macros from documents. So if you’re seriously considering this strategy, you’re likely to fail.
  • Insert a couple of words into a block of plagiarized information by copy-pasting from Wikipedia or thesaurus. => Elaborate plagiarism-checkers when a block of text has been separated. This is a trite idea, so some students are caught red-handed.
  • Entering junk filler text in footers or headers in a minute font that can’t be spotted to manipulate the percentage of plagiarism. => Turnitin knows about this technique and can warn teachers with red flags.

While free online plagiarism chekers may be taken in by the abovementioned tricks, Turnitin is not like them. It is a costly professional tool that can calculate the percentage of originality in God knows how many formats, including those in Google Drive. Over time, Turnitin’s algorithm is becoming more advanced and can unveil almost all tricks that are at students’ disposal.

Some Other Turnitin Cheat Techniques

It’s too soon to surrender, especially if we have some other Turnitin cheat lifehacks at our hand.

Option #1: Write Your Own Essay

It is a truism to say, but this is the easiest and the hardest way to avoid plagiarism. Obviously, you’ll need to conduct research. This time, however, to back up your claims, you’ll be using credible sources, preferably books or articles, instead of random websites. Quick reminder: take notes as you read.

The next stage involves developing a thesis that should be reinforced by plausible arguments. Instead of copying, paraphrase the content in your own manner.

When you’re done with your essay, you still need to run it through Turnitin as it can find plagiarized ideas in places you least expect.

Option #2: Search for Synonyms

How to get away with plagiarism if aforementioned tricks are unsuccessful? You can still outsmart Turnitin robots by replacing the keywords with synonyms within a sentence. For example, the sentence, “Turnitin uses Internet based data to judge the originality of a work” can be synonymized to “Turnitin uses online database to evaluate the authenticity of a work.”

Option #3: Change the Word Order

Altering the arrangement of words in sentences, especially those that include lists, may be a solution to a puzzle, “How to trick Turnitin”. Just change the position of items on a list, and combined with other worthwhile strategies the text will pass the notorious plagiarism checker without a sneaking suspicion.